Les Amis d’Onna – Sponsored by FMG

Posted by Joseph Kelly on July 23, 2019

Since moving back to the U.K. in 2009 after ten years performing in France, Les Amis have been wowing the crowds across the U.K and Ireland with their UNIQUE live arena shows.

From Inverness to Essex, County Down to County Offaly, Les Amis performs all over the UK & Ireland with their magical performances.

From their dramatic “Knights of the North” stunt jousting shows, with an attention to detail second to none, to rip-roaring “Cactus Djake” western shows with man, horse & dog all working together.

Their powerful “Barbarian” stunt shows embody gripping tribal battles, awe-inspiring fire performances and captivating liberty horses.

Not to forget the thrilling fast paced “Cossack” trick riding shows, with breathtaking horseback archery, electrifying trick riding and more stunts than you could imagine. 

It is rare  to ever see the same show twice with

Les Amis d’Onno!

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