Dog Show Results 2022

Position Exhibitor Name Dog Name
1 – Dog or Bitch in Best Condition 1st Zoe Firth Wilma
2nd Laura & Eleanor Bronte
3rd Graham Whitelock Star
2 – Best Terrier, Dog or Bitch 1st Holly Moore Bessie
2nd Sarah O’Donnell Charlie
3rd Katharine Marsh Astra
3 – Dog or Bitch with the Waggiest Tail 1st Stephanie Dyer Stanley
2nd Helen & William Rosie
3rd Helen Cooper Molly
4 – Rescue Dog, Bitch or Puppy 1st Melanie Murphy Leo
2nd Katie Jake
3rd Carley Loui
5 – Dog or Bitch with the Most Appealing Eyes 1st Louise Williams Reina
2nd Peter Amott Charlie
3rd Liberty Sid
6 – Best Puppy 1st Danielle Parker Bonnie
2nd Mary Brindley Alpha
3rd Courtney Carter Marla
7 – Most Handsome Dog 1st Gez Hutchcroft Dylan
2nd Chris Ineson Legion
3rd Owen Darby
8 – Prettiest Bitch 1st Lynda Oldfield Rosie
2nd Evelyn Betty
3rd Jazzy Coco
9 – Best Working Dog or Bitch 1st Graham Whitelock Star
2nd Tammy Tess
3rd Stephanie Dyer Stanley
10 – Child’s Best Friend 1st Bea Haigh Winston
2nd Heidi Snell Martha
3rd Evie Daisy
11 – Golden Oldie 1st J Hanson Midnight Blue Wings
2nd Michaela Hunter Eszter
3rd Trevor Megan
12 – Show Champion Champion Gez Hutchcroft Dylan
Reserve Champion Zoe Firth Wilma

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