FREE Service 35 : MIRFIELD SHOW – North Road – Greenside Road – Water Royd Lane

To ease traffic and parking – Mirfield Show will again be providing a FREE bus that will leave and return to the showground – observing all normal bus stops along the route below.

Route: From Mirfield Showground via Huddersfield Road, North Road, Shillbank Lane, Flash Lane, Dunbottle Lane, Greenside Road, Old Bank Road, Water Royd Lane, Knowl Road, Huddersfield Road to Mirfield Showground. (This service will observe all normal bus stops along the route). Bus provided by Dewsbury Bus Museum and unfortunately will not be accessible by wheelchairs or prams. Every hour from 10am to 4pm- subject to traffic conditions. For the full bus route and timetable click here.

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