Call for Ice Cream Bids: 2021 and 2022

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Mirfield Show is a highly popular event in the area and regularly attracts about 10,000 people We have also won a Local Award for the best event in the area. We are now gathering tenders (i.e. a bid stating the fee you are willing to pay us, per year) from Ice Cream specialist vendors.

If accepted, you would be guaranteed a place at the show for BOTH August 2021 AND 2022 – the same fee applying in both years. If 2021 is cancelled by a “virus lockdown” then the winning tenders will roll over for the following 2 years. Please note that competition for a place is fierce.

We have TWO concessions available: 1) one for traditional “hard” ice cream, plus 2) one for “soft” (whipped etc.) ice cream. One person may bid to provide both concessions. The minimum bid is £350 for EACH concession.

For information: there is a SEPARATE concession (already filled) selling Slush only. Other catering concessions are allowed to sell pre-package ice cream bars with their meals etc., but this will be the only specialist ice cream vendor at the show. The 2021 show is on SUNDAY 22 AUGUST.

This is very much a family event with lots of children attending. We are very keen that the ice cream offered is good value-for-money, and so the prices you intend to charge will play an important part in our decision. Further, we require your prices to REMAIN THE SAME in both years. We will photograph and monitor your prices.

The criteria used by the Committee to select successful applicants are:

  1. a) The amount of your bid;
  2. b) Prices of your product to the public;
  3. c) Attractiveness of your vehicle / stall.

YOU MUST INCLUDE  the following as part of your tender, or else it will be NOT be considered:

  1. Your menu of items together with confirmed prices to be charged;
  2. Details of site requirements (please specify LEFT or RIGHT opening);
  3. Dimensions of space, including height if relevant (INCLUDING towbar);
  4. Photograph (s) of your stall/vehicle (ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED );
  5. Details of 2 OTHER events you attended in the last 2 years;
  6. Certificate of valid Public Liability insurance AND your Food Hygiene Certificate;
  7. A declaration that you have read and accepted our TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

We want to confirm your contract and ask for your 50% deposit (refunded if show cancelled) in early March so your tender must be submitted no later than 17:00 hours on WEDNESDAY 24 February 2021 .

If you are unable to access the tender form please email me to make other arrangements. If you require further information you can also email us at

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