The Marquees Are Going Up!!!

Posted by Jo on August 14, 2023

We are ready with a full action packed day for you. 

Jonathan Evans, Show Chairman, says “Life has become very difficult for many over the last couple of years. We think we are all ready for a bit of fun, and we’ve got a full, fun-packed day lined up ahead!” 

“Our team of volunteers have been working throughout the year putting the day together. Our theme for the day is Back to the Farm and this is reflected all around the field with lots of farming related attractions.” 

“We aim to provide a fun family day, at a reasonable cost. This is really important especially this year when everyone is having to tighten their belts. Many of our attractions are free.” 

Star Attractions 

There are two main ring attractions on the day: 

Bob Hogg and the Lamb National, and the sheepdog display sponsored by Miller Homes 

The BBC Countryfile programme also featured this great entertainment spectacle to the amusement of the presenters as they were allocated their own runners and riders. Bob uses the natural hardiness, agility and intelligence of the Herdwick sheep to negotiate the obstacles using one of his sheepdogs to herd them around the course. 

After being paraded in their own colours, they are introduced to the audience and then the fun starts. 

The second attraction is once again provided by Bob Hogg and his sheepdog and duck display. 

Here is the running order for the day: 


08:30 Showground Gates Open for Horse Show Only 

10:30 Stalls and Attractions Open 

10:30 Music Stage Opens 


08:30 Horse and Pony Show 

11:15 Rare Breeds Survival Trust Animal Parade 

11:45 ATC Marching Band 

12:00 Welcome Speech 

12:10 Bob Hogg’s Lamb National 

12:40 Katie Philpott School of Dance 

13:00 Children’s Fancy Dress 

13:10 Bob Hogg’s Sheepdog and Duck Display 

13:40 Tug of War Semi’s 

14:00 Sutton School of Performing Arts 

14:20 Bob Hogg’s Lamb National 

14:50 Tug of War Final 

15:00 Bob Hogg’s Sheepdog and Duck Display 

15:30 ATC Marching Band 

15:40 End of the Show Show 

(Featuring West Yorkshire Rock Choir & Guests) 

16:20 Main Ring Closes 


11:00 Grange Moor Brass Band 

12:30 Grange Moor Brass Band 

14:00 Grange Moor Brass Band 


07:30 Flower and Vegetable Exhibit Entries Open 

07:30 Domestic and Children’s Entries Open 

09:45 Entries Close 

10:00 Marquee Closes. Judging Begins 

12:00 Marquee Reopens 

12:00 Baby Show Entries Open 

13:00 Baby Show 

14:30 Presentations for Prize Winners 

16:00 Exhibits Can be Removed 

16:30 Marquee Closes 


07:30 Registration Opens 

08:30 First Class Begins 

11:00 Horse and Pony Show Closes 


10:00 Registration Opens 

11:00 First Class Begins 

15:30 Championship Class Begins 


10:30 Welly Wanging 

11:45 Make and Fly Aeroplanes 

13:30 Ball Game – Basketball 

14:45 Skipping and Hoops 

On the Day Contact numbers   
Jonathan Evans, Chairman 07714 954136 
Joseph Kelly, Vice Chairman and Head of Marketing   07581 229936 

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