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Applying for Stalls

We are now accepting applications for stalls in 2020.

Mirfield Show is a highly popular event in the area, and we have had attendances over 12,000 in most years.  This means that stall space is always oversubscribed, often by 300%. Unfortunately many stall applicants will be disappointed, but ALL applicants will receive an email about the Committee’s decision on your application. Here is what the Committee looks for – It gives priority to local participants (but accepts others) and seeks to provide a large range of entertaining stalls and with unusual items sold at family-friendly prices.  It also seeks to ROTATE stall holding so that applicants get a fresh chance every year and the same stalls might not appear each year. The Deadline for Applications 28 FEB 2020.

N.B. – Since stalls are allocated based partly on their ENTERTAINMENT VALUE to the families that visit the show, ALL applicants MUST state on the form how their stall will meet this requirement. Please describe what you intend to provide in a minimum of 15 words. We will use this information in assessing your application. We favour stalls that provide original content and draw interest. We will once again be conducting an evaluation of all Stalls on the day at the Show and these details that you provide will be taken into account. To improve your chances of being selected you might like to offer an attraction such as an entertainer, coconut shy, water-sponge throwing, bash-a-rat etc. NB – We do not allow Tombolas. ALL STALLS AND ATTRACTIONS MUST REMOVE RUBBISH FROM THEIR AREAS BEFORE LEAVING THE SHOWGROUND, SKIPS ARE PROVIDED. SEE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Not doing so will invoke penalties in the future !


FULL STALLS – are 5m by 5m, located in the main showground. (We do NOT offer double stalls).This stall type is large enough for a vehicle to be parked behind a 3m deep gazebo. You must stay within the allocated stall area. We do NOT provide tables, chairs, electricity, water or gazebos. Price = £70, or £50 if WF14 postcode or a Charity.


PREMIUM FULL STALLS (only 10 available) are 5m by 5m, located in the main showground. These stalls are open on THREE SIDES instead of just one, having the advantage of additional trading area. They have a prime location on the field and will be back to back with one other Premium Stall therefore there is space to park your vehicle behind your gazebo. You must stay within the allocated stall area. We will provide a 3x3m gazebo (with NO sides) for FREE if you wish PRICE= £130


HALF-STALLS – are 3m x 3m, located in the main showground. After unloading at your stall, your vehicle must be removed from the field and can be parked in our separate (free) car park. N.B. – Promotion and/or Charity stalls will always be allotted Half-Stalls unless the Committee approves otherwise. You must stay within the allocated stall area.  Price = £55, or £40 if WF14 postcode or if a Charity.


NO-VEHICLE STALLS  – Up to 5mx 5m, located in the Crowlees school grounds (WF14 9PD). We have a limited number of spaces that have no vehicular access, yet can be used by human-portable stalls, such as carts and candy floss cycles, or where the stall-holder wishes to manually transport items (e.g. gazebo) to the stall. You must stay within the allocated stall area. Price = £55, or £40 if WF14 postcode or a Charity.


WALK ABOUT – you don’t have a stall, but you are allotted a small space to store your advertising/sample materials and then you wander around the show on foot. You should wear some type of FANCY DRESS. (This also attracts customers!). Price = £30

You can apply for up to 4 ALTERNATIVE stalls. For example, you would like a Premium stall, but if unsuccessful you would accept a full Field stall, and if still unsuccessful you would accept a Half-Stall, and if even that was unsuccessful you would make do with a no-vehicle stall. In that case number in order of preference ALL FOUR OF Premium Stall and Field stall and half-stall and No-Vehicle stall on the form. We will award you the largest we can.


Our catering stall process runs on a two year rolling tender. The 2020 show is open for new tenders and we are looking for a full variety of food offerings.


The Craft Tent will again be run by our partner “MADE IN YORKSHIRE”. You must apply directly to them for craft space in the marquee (includes a table). More info and a link to their application forms can be found on their website: http://www.madeinyorkshire.org.uk 

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