The show team comprises of the Steering Committee, five Sub-Committees (Finance, Marketing, Bookings, Facilities and Competitions), numerous Section Secretaries, plus a number of Honorary positions. The Executive Council (or Steering Committee) comprises of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Finance Head, Marketing Head, Bookings Head, Facilities Head and Competitions Head.

KEY | Fa = Facilities, Fi = Finance, B = Bookings, M = Marketing, C = Competitions

Executive Council Members



Contact Info


Jonathan Evans


Joseph Kelly (M)


Chris Ramsden


Sylvia Ford (C)


James Wrigglesworth (Fi)

Head of Facilities

Stuart Naisbett (Fa)

Head of Bookings

Head of Finance

Jean Sengelow (Fi)

Head of Marketing

Joseph Kelly (M)

Head of Competitions

Bev Auty (C)

Health & Safety Advisor

Brian Hughes (Fa)

Honorary Positions



Contact Info

Honorary President

Chris Ramsden

Honorary Commentator

Martin Ibberson (2022)

Honorary Accountant

Greenwood Barton

Honorary Veterinary Officer

Donaldson’s Vets

Honorary Medical Services

First + Medical Solutions

Classes & Competition Secretaries



Contact Info

Horse Section

Sylvia Ford

Dog Section

Claire Welch

Flower & Vegetable Section

Nicki Dixon

Domestic & Children Section

Sarah Jones

Children’s Games & Races

Jodie Asquith

Bookings Subcommittee

Jonathan Evans

John Rockett

Howard Thacker

Jean Sengelow

Gill Lockwood

Competitions Subcommittee

Bev Auty

Chris Ramsden

Sylvia Ford

Jessica Auty

Claire Welch

Nicki Dixon

Jodie Asquith

Natasha Allen

Kali Dixon

Keith Berry

Facilities Subcommittee

Rachel Plachcinski

Simon Whitelock

Zoe Whitelock

Jessica Chapman

Stuart Naisbett

Tom Auty

Mandy Sheard

Brian Hughes

Aileen Goldspring

Mark Allen

Jake Hinchliffe

Declan Ramsden

Finance Subcommittee

Jean Sengelow

James Wrigglesworth

Martin Ibberson

Marketing Subcommittee

Joseph Kelly

Karen Bullivant

Jo McGuire

Elisha Gardner

Becoming a Member

Mirfield Show would not have grown over the years without its team of volunteer committee members – and over the last seventy years there have been many new members join and it these people that bring the fresh ideas into the show. So we are always looking for new blood with new ideas and younger people with loads of energy to drive the show forward for many more years to come. We can assure you that we are not a boring and stuffy committee – we are a team that brings people together from different backgrounds and with different interests. It is a great place to meet a wide variety of new people and be part of a key event in the Mirfield calendar.

Nobody is ever thrown in at the deep end (unless they wish), and there are roles to fit most people’s abilities and interests. There are roles for everyone, from event organisers to publicity generators, well-organised administrators, to stewarding many of the exhibits, to actual physical manpower – and much more. Mirfield and district has a great community spirit, full of enterprising people who have fresh ideas and loads of energy – and it is essential that this continues to keep the show growing for the next seventy years.

There are only six full committee meetings each year – plus a small number of sub-committee meetings which varies depending on which you would like to join.

If you are interested in joining the team and being part of Mirfield Show, just get in contact with the Mirfield Show Chairman at or via the Contact Us Page who will invite you to the next appropriate meeting.

Why I Joined the Team

I wanted to get involved with something new as my dad had just died and my mum was increasingly affected by Alzheimer’s Disease. I’ve always loved agricultural shows (my dad used to take us when we were kids) so I went along to the 2015 AGM to volunteer as a show day helper and found myself on the committee. I dragged my husband along to that first meeting to keep me company and he ended up signing up as well! We’re both on the Facilities Sub Committee and I love our little team. I job share with Maggie Hirstle looking after show day volunteers and this has been a fantastic introduction – when one of us is busy or distracted by life, the other simply does a bit more to fill the gap.

– Rachel

I have only been involved since 2009 and joined to run the Rabbit show as my predecessor Donald Becket passed away. I took over the Huddersfield & District Fanciers Society which Donald ran and was asked to run the rabbits, which I gladly did with the help of the Huddersfield Rabbit club. The Rabbit Club under my leadership still run the Rabbits but about 4 years ago Karen asked me if I would like to be fully responsible for the whole of the small livestock which I gladly accepted. For me personally I love the atmosphere and the rewards of putting on a successful show for the Mirfield people. The buzz on the day is difficult to describe but all I can say is everyone enjoys themselves and that what I find VERY REWARDING. I enjoy being part of “The Team Mirfield” it’s like having a massive extended family and believe me if you need anything there is someone in the “family” who will either be able to help of know someone who can. All you need to do is ask.

– Howard

I joined because I wondered who did all that work to put on a show like that, and what would happen if they had to stop? I wanted to get involved to make sure that such a good event in our Town continued.

– Martin

I first joined the committee in December 2013, one of the main reasons I joined was to do with my Duke of Edinburgh Award I was completing at the time. However, I then got to know the committee and how much of a close knit but welcoming almost family like group it is. I enjoy being part of a team which is purely focused on the community and putting on a great show every year. Being part of the marketing team I have met many supporters but had the opportunity to mix with other subcommittees; that is something I love, the fact you are constantly working with each other to support each other within the committee. Of course things can get hectic from time to time but I wouldn’t change it, that’s why we do it!

– Joseph

I visited the first and second shows and responded to a shout out for new members and thought it would be great to be involved in helping with the horse show, rather than simply watching from the comfort of a straw bale – only to find this already well looked after. I soon found out that there’s so much varied stuff going on in all sorts of competitions that I’m never bored and have now been on the committee for over 25 years!

– Sylvia

I was invited by an existing member of the committee to join Mirfield Show and to undertake a particular role due to my relevant experience; I attended a committee meeting then decided I did want to join the Mirfield Show committee. I have found Committee Members to be super-welcoming and friendly. I have undertaken the role of Horticulture Secretary for 3 years; for the first of those years I held a remote, online, onion-growing competition, due to the pandemic. There are a few competitions that are online (e.g. cat, and story writing) - this probably makes Mirfield Show more accessible for some people, and it`s also a great way to keep Mirfield Show in the public eye; similarly the craft days are events that keep Mirfield Show in the public eye throughout the year. I have now handed the horticulture reins over to another member of the committee, however, I am still involved with Mirfield Show and support where I can, for example, at the craft days when help is needed to set up the rooms (chairs & tables) and help visitors with their activities (my favourite activity is decorating biscuits - I eat a few of the decorations whilst I am decorating the biscuits!


It was 1997 when I found myself with a bit more time in my life. I had been thinking of getting involved in something to do with the community in Mirfield. I had been to the previous 2 shows with my small children and it seemed a good fit for me. That first year I was put in charge of dealing with the litter and waste from the show - but this didn’t put me off! I got a huge buzz from seeing everyone coming through the gates to enjoy something we had worked all year to produce. It still gives me that buzz. In my time on the committee I have been Publicity Officer, Chairman for 10 years, and latterly a member of the marketing subcommittee. I am maintaining my involvement although I don’t live locally anymore.


I moved to Mirfield 4 years ago and retired the year after. I saw a post on Facebook about the show committee and got in touch. I have limited time to offer but am part of the bookings committee and mainly have small specific tasks but then fill in where I can help. Even though I can’t offer a commitment to take on more, I still feel of value. There is a great social side to being on the committee too, as the meetings are fun and there are many events you can volunteer to help with. I helped at the kids creative day last year and it was great fun.


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