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Trophy Winner – Most Childrens Points Eloise Duffin


Position Exhibitor Name
70 – Any photograph, rural, action or food themed 1st Eleanor Wray
71 – A 3D model of any construction 1st Benjamin Scott
2nd Isabella Townend
3rd Ruby Mazacs
72 – A seed tray depicting any aspect of farming, the countryside or food production 1st Charlotte Brooke
. 2nd Emma Thomas
3rd Rosa Eyre-McFee
73 – A decorated face mask 1st Eloise Duffin
2nd William Nicholson
3rd Matthew Nicholson
74 – Decorated cake or cup cake – rural theme 1st Brooke Swinden
2nd Isabella Townend
3rd Erin Lodge
75 – 5 Pieces of Rocky Road (any recipe) No Entries
76 – Any size drawn piece of art (pencils and/or coloured pencils) 1st Maddy Duffin
2nd Amber Z
3rd Olivia Street
77 – Collage – any size up to A3 – depicting any rural or food-related theme 1st Ruby Mazacs
2nd Emma Thomas
3rd Myles Mazacs
78 – Painting – any rural or food production theme 1st Eloise Duffin
2nd Darcey Smith
3rd Matthew Murphy
79 – Greetings card of any type 1st Layla Atkinson
2nd Matthew Nicholson
3rd Maddy Duffin
80 – A gift made wholly or mainly from paper or card No Entries
81 – Best presented physical scrapbook 1st Fletcher Saddington
82 – Best Digital 3D or 2D piece 1st Benjamin Scott
83 – Colouring – Five years of age and under 1st Emily Hardcastle
2nd Theodore Pyrah
3rd Emma Thomas
84 – Colouring – Six to nine years of age 1st Ruby Mazacs
2nd Olivia Brooke
3rd Esme Cromack
85 – Colouring – Ten to fifteen years of age 1st Melanie Murphy
2nd Rosa Eyre-McFee
3rd Ava Gomersall

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