***Change from schedule (Entry running from 1st May – 8th June)***

Which of you can grow the biggest? We have baby onions to start you off.

You`ll receive your onion by mid-June and you`ll have around 12 weeks to grow your onion as big as possible – we`ll check in with you every 4 weeks for a measure to see your progress …

The winner will be the person/family that has grown the largest onion.

Please contact Nicki.Dixon@mirfieldshow.com with your name and address to receive a baby onion (be quick – there are only 25!)

This competition is sponsored by Tim Grace – he will deliver the baby onion to your home address (in a socially distanced way) – the prizes are:

1st £302nd £203rd £10

You`ll be growing a Robinsons Mammoth Onion


08.06.2021                  Deadline to request baby onion

10–12.06.2021            Baby onions delivered

8-11.07.2021              First onion measure

5-08.08.2021              Second onion measure

2-05.09.2021              Third onion measure

16.09.2021                  FINAL onion measure

18.09.2021                  Winner announced

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